Monday, 30 March 2009

The odd bits and pieces

Three weeks to go and some slight monetary panic - will I have enough to last me the whole three months? I should do if I am careful and don't go blowing the money on camera gear in Singapore! The travelling round will cost me the most money, buses around Australia aren't as cheap as they were (some journeys cost more than flying the same distance).

Last day at work tomorrow, while part of me is not sorry to see the back of it, I am starting to have a few concerns about what I'll do when I get home, but I'll cross that particular bridge when I reach it. Hopefully (some hope!) the recession might be starting to end by then, who knows.

Just realised I have to buy more travel insurance - I though the one that comes with my bank account would cover it, but it only covers 45 days, which is a complete pain, considering that I'll be away for 90. I'm not stupid enough to go away without adequate travel insurance, as an accident, delayed flights, lost/stolen baggage, etc, can happen to anyone, so I spent the evening on and found some good deals, so I won't be paying Austravel £104!

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