Friday, 29 June 2012

Nothing we didn't know!

This has been the wettest second quarter (April to June) in the UK since records began in 1910. In other news it has emerged that the Pope's religious leanings tend towards Catholicism and bears relieve themselves in sylvan settings.
Let's hope things improve from July onwards - but I am not optimistic.

Still, the sun did emerge from its hiding place for a brief time today and I got to try out my new lens a bit more. It appears that, while its performance is good across the focal lengths and at all apertures, its 'sweet spot' is at f/8. It is as sharp as anything at that aperture and gives my 400mm telephoto (while the latter is a sharper lens) a close run for its money.

Click on photos for largest size.

Boating types speeding past in a RIB (crop from original)

There was a lovely schooner anchored just offshore, the 'Eleanora E', which is going to be participating in some races later in the summer. I did see this in the distance yesterday, under full sail, but as I was at work I didn't have my camera with me. Note half-hearted guest appearance by the sun.

To drag this back on topic, as it is 'supposed' to be a birding blog, here's a gull which caused a brief 'WTF is that?!' moment. Apologies for the poor photo but it was a grabbed shot and a hefty crop from the original. It was a moment of 'OMG it's a....hang on, no, it's a Med Gull'.

I am off on some brief travels on Tuesday, returning on Saturday. I am going off on a party cruise with a friend on P&O's Oriana. Should be fun. I am not expecting to see many birds, it being July and the sea time being at night, but I'll still take my binoculars and big lens, just in case. You never know...

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