Monday, 15 October 2012


The UK's Starling population has declined in recent years but, if you're wondering where they're gone, look no further than Newquay in Cornwall. There are loads of them in that town. These young ones were at Fistral Beach and were pretty tame, no doubt well-fed on handouts from surfers and other beach-goers.

Just got made redundant, so I should have plenty of time for birding should nothing else turn up.


  1. Hope it's okay to comment on another of your posts Fay.(don't want to be a bore)A very nice set of pics here of this cutey.I get a noisy flock invading the garden birdfeeders,but a handsome bird I think.Well feed Starlings in Cornwall as you say.Just like the gigantic gulls that no doubt fatten up on discarded Cornish pasties.

  2. Not at all, Peter, your comments are very welcome. :)

    The gulls, as you say, are enormous. I have never seen larger gulls than the overfed Herrings down at Newquay! I don't get there as often as I used to, I used to be a surfer but have had to give up because of injuries. :(