Saturday, 4 January 2014

Still here!

I am still here, life had caught up with me big time during 2013 with family problems (my mum got seriously ill and nearly passed away), other problems and a new job. I'd not been out birding since the Bluethroat back in March! Hopefully 2014 will be better!

This year I am going back to Australia for three weeks in March and early April although, this time, I won't be stopping off anywhere, this is a straight out and straight back trip. Obviously I am planning to do some birding and photography while I am out there which, of course, will appear here. I am hoping this trip will be more of a success than my last one in 2009 was...while it was not a complete disaster, it wasn't entirely successful either.

Forest Kingfisher, from my 2009 Australia trip

In addition to my Canon 6D I've got a 70D which, as it has an APS-C sensor, will be better for birding. However, I think most of my photos will be more for blog illustration purposes rather than pure photography, we'll see. That said, I'll always try to take the best photos possible but I think I've got a bit discouraged by websites with cracking close ups of rarities and common birds alike, all taken on Canon 1D-series cameras and 5/600mm telephoto lenses which cost as much as a decent second-hand car and which completely blow my efforts from the water. Yes, I have got a bad case of 'lens envy'!
I am also going to try to get back into doing a bit of sketching.

I've not renewed the hosting for my website because it was a pain to maintain but I am planning to get a new Flickr site, which I'll put all my old - and new - photos on.

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