Saturday, 15 February 2014

After the (latest) storm

We had yet another storm yesterday, which lasted well into this morning, and it was the most intense storm yet with Violent Storm Force 11 winds gusting up to Hurricane Force 12 at times. At midnight the gusts were so violent, the house shook! Luckily we got away with no more damage at home than lop-sided fences (they were mostly destroyed during the stormy Christmas period) and overturned bins.
There was flooding all over the Isle of Wight, debris everywhere, trees down and structural damage. Part of Undercliff Drive, between Niton and Ventnor, has been/is being evacuated due to the serious risk of landslides and a section of the road collapsed last weekend. Other roads have also been damaged by small landslides and/or the tarmac breaking up; the surface of one road near me has been destroyed and it's not safe to drive on so they closed it.

I went out today to photograph the aftermath of the latest, and worst, hammering in a long line of hammerings this winter. I have also got a few bird pics, they'll appear later in this post.

Shingle was deposited along Springvale Road at Seaview

Flooding on the Eastern Yar

Flooding at Alverstone (near me), it had been across the road but had receded a bit.

Because of the damage, the Isle of Wight is one of the places getting assistance from the armed forces; a Chinook helicopter dropped soldiers, vehicles and sandbags, etc., at Newport this afternoon.

On to the birds...

Sanderling at Ryde

Sanderling at Seaview

Turnstones at Seaview

Turnstone and Sanderling

Carrion Crow at Seaview

Rook at Sandown

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  1. That was a good read Fay and a lovely series of photos.Apart from the excellent Turnstone pics,the first shot of the Carrion Crow took my eye.