Saturday, 15 March 2014

Culver Down

Photos from Culver this morning, on a glorious warm early spring day. As usual, click on them for largest sizes.


Herring Gull



It looks as if one is getting an earful from the other, but there was no sound and it was most likely part of their courtship display as the left bird appeared to be begging.

Meadow Pipit

There was no sign of the reported male Black Redstarts on the cottages, or on the fort either, where I've seen them in the past. A quick visit to the little housing estate in Sandown also drew a blank and I think Black Reds are avoiding me this year!
Skylarks were singing, a sure sign of the approaching season and Chiffchaffs were calling from scrub. After an hour, Culver was getting crowded as more people arrived (although, to me, more than about half a dozen people is 'crowded'!) so I left.


  1. Lovely photos here Fay.Good ones of the Raven.I got a lot of the atmosphere up there in these shots.

  2. Thanks Peter. I'm pleased with these.